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Monton Collections Explained

RIDER              |                RACE                |               PRO                |               REVO

Our collections explained

What’s the difference?

Which one is right for me?

Well, quite simply, Monton’s collections have been uniquely designed to meet the needs of different types of cyclists, from those needing kit for their daily commute all the way to the extreme riders needing kit that withstands high intensity rides and provides the utmost in comfort allowing them to maximise their performance.

The Rider collection offers a striking range of entry-level short sleeve jersey’s. These are perfect for your day-to-day rides or commute to work where comfort and price are important. However, don’t let the affordability of this collection have you doubting its quality. Made using Italian prism textured lightweight fabric, its outstanding technical composition offers first class comfort and performance. Best suited to warmer days but add a pair of arm warmers and/or gilet and you’ll be good to go on those cooler days.

Features: (spring/summer 2017)

  • semi-relaxed fit, lightweight, quick dry fabric, comfortable, reflective piping, rear pockets

The Race Collection has ultimately been designed for training and racing in hot and humid conditions with its range of spring/summer short sleeve jersey’s and bib-shorts which having been created using lightweight, fast drying fabrics for enhanced breathability and moisture wicking capabilities. And for those of you that enjoy all year-round cycling, the Race Collection offers a range of entry-level long sleeve jersey’s, ideal for autumn weather, and long sleeve thermal jersey’s and jackets, perfect for winter conditions. Using superior fabrics but with a simplified technical construction that doesn’t affect comfort and performance, the Race autumn/winter collection makes the perfect affordable winter kit.

Features: (spring/summer/autumn 2017)

  • Short sleeve jersey - aerodynamic race fit, super lightweight, breathable, fast drying fabrics, reflective piping, rear pockets
  • Bib-shorts/waist shorts – race fit, durable 4-way stretch lycra, low volume mesh bib, evo high density breathable foam chamois pad, reflective piping.
  • Long sleeve jersey – Race fit, IRI & A109 grid fabrics, moisture wicking, lightweight, breathable, quick dry, reflective piping, rear pockets

Features: (autumn/winter 2017)

  • Thermal Jersey – race fit, Italy Miti Stelvio brushed polyester fabric, lightweight, windbreaker, excellent wicking abilities, warm, anti-mold and anti-bacterial treatment, reflective piping, rear pockets
  • Thermal Jacket – Italy Miti Stelvio, double faced milk silk and white grid polar fleece fabrics, windproof, water resistant, reflective piping, rear pockets

The Pro Collection offers a stunning range of form-fitting cycle gear designed for your high intensity, long distance rides where high quality and comfort is a must. But if getting a good deal on your high-performance cycle gear is also important to you then shopping the Pro Collection offers that too. Like the Race collection, the Pro collection also offers a range of cycle kit to suit all seasons, however, the technical composition and contoured fit of this collection provides an elite performing range of racewear.

Features: (spring/summer/autumn 2017)

  • Short sleeve jersey – Pro fit, Persia & shell mesh, moisture wicking, fast drying fabrics, low volume, breathable, aerodynamic, anti-mold and anti-bacterial treatment, reflective piping, rear pockets
  • Bib shorts/waist shorts – Pro fit, durable 4-way stretch lycra, multi-panelled construction for contoured fit, low volume mesh bib, evo high density breathable foam chamois pad, reflective piping
  • Long sleeve jersey – Pro fit, lightweight oval mesh main panels, A153 premium stretch fabric side panels for contoured fit, persia breathable fabric underarm, aerodynamic, reflective piping, rear pockets

Features: (winter 2017)

  • Thermal Jacket – Technical fabrics: Italy Miti Stelvio fabric, milk silk & white grid polar fleece, pro fit, windproof, water resistant, durable and warm, anti-mold and anti-bacterial treatment, rear pockets, reflective piping

The Revo Collection is designed for those of you who like to push yourself to the limit and are always seeking to maximise your potential. Through years of research and development and intense testing Monton created its high performance Revo range using cutting edge technologies and design.

Features: (2017 kit)

  • Bib shorts/waist shorts – High performing, TeoSport TM Chamois pad for ride durations up to and exceeding 6 hours, multi panelled construction for contoured fit, durable 4-way stretch lycra with high compression, enhanced comfort and muscle support, low volume mesh bib, EB1 bonded wide leg gripper, reflective piping
  • Long sleeve thermal jersey – High performing, technical fabrics: Italy Miti Stelvio Carbon & micro-vent provides warm, soft, and moisture wicking comfort; anti-mold & anti-bacterial treatment, Italy EB1 epoxy elastic waistband gripper, raglan sleeves, rear pockets, reflective piping
  • Thermal Jacket – High performing, pro fit, constructed of stripe milk silk fabric, black prismatic polar fleece, Italy Miti Stelvio & Italy Miti Stelvio Carbon fabric, windproof, water resistant, wicking, durable, soft and comfortable, Italy EB1 elastic waistband with epoxy brushed gripper, rear pockets, reflective piping, anti-mold & anti-bacterial treatment