Terms & Conditions

Custom Order Terms & Conditions



1. We offer a free custom design service but should you wish to create your own design then you can download our templates in the custom prices & designs page of our website click here.

2. Monton Sports logo will appear on all custom products.

3. All artwork incorporating Monton Sports logo remains the property of Monton Sports.

Ordering & Payment

1. Minimum order quantity of 10 per item.

2. 50% deposit is required for all custom orders.

3. Balance is due when order is complete and ready to ship.  Once balance is paid in full your order will be shipped.

4. Turnaround time of 30 days.

Quality Kits & Sizing Kits

1. Quality sample kits and sizing kits will be provided on request.

2. Quality sample kit is available before order placement.

3. Sizing kits are available after order placement and initial deposit payment.  It is highly recommended that sizing kits are ordered as customers must accept responsibility for selection of sizes.

4. If quality kits and sizing kits are not returned within a two week after received by the customer and an extension has not been granted by montonsports.co.uk, customer agrees to pay the published price for the kit or any item included in the kit not returned in same condition as received.

5. A credit card authorisation is taken at order placement or prior to shipment of said kits as security for the return of kits or payment of kit should it not be returned in same condition as received or within the two week return period.

6. Customer consents to montonsports.co.uk charging given credit card for any items not returned in same condition as received or within return time frame.

Cancellations & Returns

1. Once the deposit is received orders will be processed. The deposit is non-refundable and should you cancel the order you will be billed for the remaining balance.

2. Unless faulty, returns are not possible on custom orders due to the time and craftsmanship that goes into creating team specific garments.

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