Men's Marble Windbreaker Jacket

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A lightweight windproof jacket for training and racing in changeable weather conditions. Constructed from Lumi technical fabric that absorbs the sun's energy during daylight hours. When riding at night, the stored energy is slowly released to improve visibility in low light conditions.

The jacket's ergonomic fit is designed for comfort in an on-bike position and optimised for layering with base layers and jerseys. Brushed fleece-lined collar is raised for maximum protection against the elements. High-stretch cuffs form an airtight seal around gloves. Chest zips allow for extra ventilation and double side zippered pockets as easy access for storage.


• Reflective windproof fabric

• Chest Zip pocket + 2 side zipper pockets

• 10°- 20°C / 50°- 68°F 

• Lumi Windbreaker fabric




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