Spirit V2 Gloves

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Featuring anatomically shaped construction and PORON® XRD® padding, these gloves excel in reducing road vibrations, particularly on rough or off-road terrain such as gravel tracks. PORON® XRD® is a versatile foam engineered for wearable impact protection, capable of absorbing up to 90% of impacts. Upon impact, its molecular structure reacts swiftly, forming a protective shield around the hand before returning to its original state.

The palm centre is laser-perforated, enhancing breathability and airflow to keep your hands cool even on the warmest of days. Additionally, the back of the hand features a snot/sweat wipe atop the thumb, while the remainder of the glove utilises stretch woven fabric with a unique honeycomb texture, ensuring a snug fit.

For ease of removal, finger loops are provided on the middle and ring fingers, simplifying the process without compromising on fit or comfort.

Key Features:

• Exceptional comfort, ensuring coolness even in hot conditions

• Convenient removal thanks to finger loops

• Anatomical palm design enhances blood circulation and alleviates pressure on the ulnar nerve

• Firm padding with PORON® XRD® technology for optimal impact absorption

• Reflective printing on the back of the hand enhances visibility for night riding




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